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CRH Consulting  LLC manages the services above as well as family business mentoring.

Blue Coast Health Care Explanations

The Health Care Billing Crisis


Find out why you need BCHC. Huge cost savings. CLICK ON PICTURE. Two minute video

Where we come in


2 minute video, why you need us to dramatically lower your Health Cost costs  CLICK ON PICTURE

Concierge Doctor


A personal Doctor.  Available 24/7/365 Helps you set up procedures, Helps manage medications and saves you money  2 minute video. CLICK ON PICTURE

Reference Based Pricing


What is Reference Based Pricing? And we do it automatically for you. 2 minute video. CLICK ON PICTURE

Pharmacy Watchdog RX


Get the same drug for much cheaper costs. All done automatically for each employee. Savings are huge!

Service Groups

Cost Recovery Agents

Finds overpayments and tax rebates to increase cash flow. Property tax-R&D tax credits-Workers Comp-Cost Segregation-Credit Card fee elimination-Health care cost reduction- Parcel Freight cost audit-Copier/Printer lease audit. ALL SERVICES PAID WITH PART OF SAVINGS. NO SAVINGS, NO COST.

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Shopping cart handles that hold customers Phones and Pads so they can use your electronic shopping lists and coupons. Phones aren't use if in pockets or purses.  A real need for groceries and box stores who whant interactive advertising and promotions. Great for auto checkout programs.

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Nex Medical Solutions

For doctors offices and hospitals, a portable real time non invasive tool for determining early onset of diabetes, vascular and autonomic nervous systems. Early detection of neuropathy and arterial disease.

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Gilliard Family Business Generational Transition Advisor

Want your kids to take over the business but need the security for retirement? Some of the kids are in the business and some not? Want to continue to have happy Thanksgivings together? What a minefield! Let us help. It's a process, that is part business, part legality, part training, and part therapy.

Cost Recovery Agents Inc. Video services explanations

Cost Segregation 2min Video


Cost Segregation: 2 minute video. (accelerated depreciation) for companies with Buildings

R&D tax Credits 2 Minute Video


The Government will reimburse companies through tax credits for R&D that makes you more efficient. Free money. Let us help you get it. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR VIDEO

Commercial Property Tax Relief


Two minute video on our property tax relief program. Why pay whatever they say you owe? let us find out if you are over paying. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR VIDEO

Parcel Shipping Audits


Weekly automatic UPS and FedEx audits. We apply for error refunds for you and split the recovery. Stop paying for recurring errors. We correct the mistakes so yo don't keep making them. 2 Minute video. CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE VIDEO

Credit Card Processing Audits


Most businesses have tried switching their credit card processor for lower fees only to find that within six months they’re back paying at the same level they were with the previous carrier.  To insure the business’ fees do not rise we carefully monitor their account every month. This program has nearly a 100% success rate in identifying savings, and on average, businesses save over 15%. Again, if there is no refund or savings, there is no fee. CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE VIDEO

Zero Cost Processing


The Zero-Cost Processing (“ZCP”) service is designed to reduce a business’s cost of credit card acceptance to zero-net-cost by adding a surcharge paid by the consumer. With ZCP the merchant keeps 100% of the savings. 2 Minute video, CLICK ON PICTURE FOR VIDEO

Class Action Payments


Class action settlement claims consulting provides clients with the ability to obtain their fair share of consumer and antitrust class action recoveries.
Our experienced team identifies and recovers class action funds that may be owed to our client’s businesses. Currently there are over twenty class actions for which we are signing up our clients, and they total 8 billion dollars in potential recoveries. Our expert team has already recovered 100s of millions for thousands of clients, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE VIDEO

Copier and Printer Lease Audit


A staggering 98% of businesses that lease copiers and printers are overpaying on their leases.  We have been successful in saving businesses an average of 57% on their copier leasing and document costs. CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE VIDEO

Automated Accounts Payable


Our Accounts Payable Automation platform works with an organization's existing accounting software, and there’s no need to change banking relationships.   Businesses also benefit from rebates earned when paying suppliers with Virtual Payments.  Every $10 million in Accounts Payable, paid through virtual cards could add over $100,000 in additional revenue to their bottom line. Businesses have to pay their suppliers anyway, so why not turn the Accounts Payable department into a revenue generating department. CLICK ON PICTURE TO SEE VIDEO

Wireless expense audit


These days, wireless smartphones and tablets are used extensively by businesses, and invoices from wireless companies often include overcharges and unnecessary fees. We've helped over 95% of our clients reduce their wireless spending, by 25 to 33%, and some clients have achieved over 40% annual savings in less than one hour of their time.

Clients are not asked to switch carriers or equipment, and they keep the same accounts, phones, and numbers. The only thing that changes, is the amount that they have to pay each month. Since the fee is based on how much we reduce the wireless bill, and if there's no savings, there's no fee. CLICK ON PICTURE FOR VIDEO

Service Commonalities


All Services are contingency based. NO SAVINGS, NO COST

Services do not interrupt your current suppliers, customers, or employees.

Services do not affect your product in any way.

Energy Auction


Interested in buying electricity from the absolute least expensive source? Pick a term and join our reverse auction. You will get the best price available anywhere. it's easy and you watch your auction online. Click on the picture for  the 2 minute video.

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